Mi Area


It's app that is completely changing the way the real estate market works. The app uses the exact location of properties to provide results instantly.

"Earn commissions by referring others to the app"


Is to create a real estate mobile application that will make it easier for users to buy and sell properties. The app will have a comprehensive database of properties for sale, a user-friendly search engine, the ability to save and share properties and the ability to earn commissions by referring others to the app.


User flow, wireframes in low fidelity , user testing, user interface.


UI/UX Designer


Mobile app, Web desktop and responsive


Real estate company needs to make sure that their apps, desktop apps, and websites are easy to navigate. Customers should be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. If an app or website is difficult to use, customers will be less likely to use it.

Unsatisfied users

The home buying and selling process can be frustrating and time-consuming. The app could help make it easier and more enjoyable by providing users with a more personalized and efficient experience.


We had several meetings with the product owner to discuss all aspects of the project and understand their needs, including the features, functionality, and design. The product owner also provided us with the brand identity for the app, which helped us to create a cohesive and consistent design.

Flow mi area

When I start every project, it always is necessary for the flow of the product, it gives a better conception of all screen that I require to design, for example, the first option is login on my brain i know what I need to design.

Wireframes mi area

Some wireframes from scratch to define each section of the app

Evolution app

Differents stages at the principal design of the mobile application, The first one is Wireframes in low fidelity, second one high fidelity and the last one finished with the UI.
All the process was a challenge because was necessary to include too much information on the main home, I need to add on the Home view: home, referidos, propiedades, a search bar with filters and a button where we can find other information related to profile.

Main home

Home options app include a lot of information without overwhelming the user with too many options. To achieve this, I conducted research on how other apps function in order to design a user-friendly interface.


Here is where users can make a search associated to a property, can do the same thing than in the APP.


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