Truck tracking, Cargo App dashboard improves operational efficiency.


This platform enables a company to track the location of their trucks, providing more efficient time management for administrators.

"Better user center design into the platform"


Improve the efficiency of the truck tracking process. This could be done by making the platform easier to use, reducing the number of clicks required to complete an action, and providing more data about the trucks.


Low fidelity wireframes, user interface.


UI/UX Designer


Web app


The existing web platform for tracking truck locations was confusing to use, requiring users to click multiple times to complete an action. This led to inefficiency and frustration for administrators. To address these issues, we redesigned the platform from scratch with a focus on usability.


During the three weeks of the pilot, we saw a series of positive impacts on the platform, including

Improved time management for administrators

Administrators were able to track the location of trucks more easily and see where they were at any given time. This helped them to plan routes more efficiently and avoid delays.

Reduced cost of truck operations

The platform helped to reduce the cost of truck operations by making it easier for administrators to track the location of trucks and optimize routes.

Improved accuracy of truck location data

The platform provided accurate and up-to-date information about the location of trucks. This helped administrators to make better decisions about routing and scheduling.


To begin the project, I gathered all the relevant content related to the product, including user stories and brand identity. Then, I organized the information and created site maps to gain a better understanding of the product. This helped me estimate the project timeline accurately.

Sitemap for information

Was necessary create Sitemaps to have a better and clear view of ​​this project..

Wiframe for all the product

The wireframing stage was crucial as it allowed us to define the majority of the interface and obtain client approval before proceeding. While wireframes are typically low-fidelity, they can still be a valuable tool for communicating the design to clients and getting their feedback. In this project, the client was initially hesitant to approve the wireframes, but once we progressed to the UI design stage.

Circular font and the main color that use on the screen.
How paragraph look like
Some icons

UI Kit for developers In addition, I created a prototype in Invision. However, it was important to provide developers with additional guidance, so I decided to incorporate the style guide with all the relevant information related to the project.

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