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It's a real state mobile application that allows users to buy properties within the application, you also have the opportunity to recommend someone and get a commission.


¿How a vigilant is going to interact with the application? That was one of my questions because one of those final users was the specific audience. After all, here in my country, it's common that this kind of profile knows a lot of information related to selling an apartment and the app should be easy to use.


User research, User flow, Wireframes in low fidelity , user testing, user interface.
Benchmarking (to compare other products)


UI/UX Designer.


Mobile App, landing page.


One of the most important stages in a project is listen to the product owner and was meetings for talk everything related to the project. This project consists in 4 products (Admin of the product, Normal users, brokers and Home page that tell more about the product.)
the client provide us brand identity for star

When I start every project, it always is necessary for the flow of the product, it gives a better conception of all screen that I require to design, for example, the first opción is login on my brain i know what I need to design.

In the Wireframes section , we define all the views of the main application.

Differents stages at the principal design of the mobile application, The first one is Wireframes in low fidelity, second one high fidelity and the last one finished with the UI.
All the process was a challenge because was necessary to include too much information on the main home, I need to add on the Home view: home, referidos, propiedades, a search bar with filters and a button where we can find other information related to profile.

Home Options: This part is the complement in the wireframe above, I need to add some functionality to the home, that means include a lot of information without the user feel saturate. So it was necessary to make a research to know how other app functions.


Here is where users can make a search associated to a property, can do the same thing than in the APP.