K&K Insurance


Is an insurance company noted for its coverage of motorsports.


In this project there are lot thing to change, for example: There are too much information, there isn't clear the text hierarchy on the site, there isn't a call to action.
In the first steps I describe that mistakes with more details.


Redesign, User research, low fidelity wireframes, benchmarking, user interface.


UI/UX Designer.




Before start-making research, I identify what are the possible problems on the website and how I can give the best solution to this, in the list below are the main problems that I find on the actual website.
There are too much information in the main section, according to studies users don’t like to see too much information by sections. it saturates your eyes and this tends to confuse users.
2. There is an image but it is too small to give us a clear context of the site.
3. The categories are repeated.
4. Many items in the navigation menu bar.
5. The login/register is not in a good place and generates some noise (It is necessary to validate the business idea if the idea of ​​registering on the platform is essential)
6. There is no hierarchy of texts that indicates the structure of the website.